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08-31-2006, 05:43 PM
Hey everyone,
Alright well first of all I'm sadly selling my GA next week due to a number of reasons, any takers? (Ok, maybe that comment should get stuck in classifeds, anyways..)

I put the stock deck back in, 2000 non-monsoon, and I've dug up all the info I can on the theftlock details, not to mention even talked to a local GM dealer, and here's my issue. My deck is stuck in clock mode, not allowing me to pull up any codes by holding down 2 and 3 or anything along that line... Am I still considering this to be in "theftlock" mode? Or am I in some completely other area of issue..

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated, I can't very well sell the car if the damn radio only shows the time!

Thanks~ MB

08-31-2006, 05:51 PM
is the radio working at all? i would check the fuse in the passanger side fusebox, that rings a bell for some reason

08-31-2006, 06:33 PM
It sounds like you are dealing with a broken radio, and not a Theftlock issue. If the radio is indeed in a Theftlock locked state, the letters LOC is displayed in the readout when the the key is "on". Also the little red LED on the radio's face will blink with the key "off". That signifies that Theftlock is active.

I'm assuming that you get absolutely no audio at all from it ? Will it attempt to pull in a CD if you try to insert one ? If not, then I'd venture a guess that the radio is toast. First time I've ever heard of one being stuck in a clock mode....

2000Gt Grand Am
08-31-2006, 06:46 PM
I have had display problems with my stock stereo (2000 Delco) where it would either display erronomous figures on it or it would freeze up, the deck would play fine but the display just seems to not act right. Hopefully thats all thats wrong with yours, maybe since it hasnt been played for so long it would do that. Where did you store the stock system?

08-31-2006, 07:52 PM
Very strange... I mean I definitely took great care in removing/reinstalling the stereo. In response...
2000gt -I stored it in a clean area covered by a sheet just at least to keep the dust out of it and stuff like that. I really hope it's not toast because selling it with an aftermarket radio is always a gamble, some enjoy some hate.
badboy- thanks for the fuse suggestion I'll take a look tomorrow.
Tommy - it definitely won't even attempt to pull a CD in, no audio functions whatsoever.
Also not sure offhand but would I still have the LED's on the entire deck lit up even when it's not 'powered on' so to speak? Like if I had a working radio and I had turned it off by pressing the power would the LED's go out? I ask because currently the only thing lighting up is the clock.. then again, the only frickin part of that works is the clock, I rest my case.

Thanks for your help guys!

2000Gt Grand Am
09-01-2006, 06:55 AM
I think it depends on how good the aftermarket system is.. if someone prefers to have an aftermarket system they probablly would like to have it. Hmmm that is wierd tho that it doesnt even work properly, it might be the fuse.. isnt there a fuse on the unit itself too?? I dont really remember if there was one.. i do remember when blowin out my fuse it was because of poor wiring with the aftermarket unit i had a freind install. When the unit stopped working i didnt know it blew out a fuse so i tried puttin in the stock unit & all that worked was the clock. Which reminds me i have to get a few extra fuses incase one blows out.

09-01-2006, 08:51 AM
similar thing happened to my '02 monsoon, i just got in the car, cranked it , and realized my theftlock was engaged.... after alot of searching, i found that the dealer had to reset it because it is a rds monsoon system...... i then put in an aftermarket hu, with all kinds of problems.... fed up with the radio situation, one day i decided to plug the monsoon back in.... the first thing i did was disconnect both battery terminals, then i put the monsoon back in, and re-hooked the battery... expecting the worse, i got in and started the car..... some how, some way the monsoon was unlocked

09-01-2006, 06:02 PM
ALRIGHT so here's the deal....... now I have audio just wonderfully, but NO DISPLAY... what the frig could have happened without me even touching anything?? The ONLY thing I did was take the dash piece off and unplug the stock radio again, to go and change it with my aftermarket deck. I ended up just plugging it back in for the hell of it and it WORKED.. minus display?

Fuse? I checked the fuses labelled "radio" but I'm not sure if there's another circuit I'm missing? helpppppppp :-p

09-03-2006, 10:31 AM
I wonder if it could have been the plug on the rear of the radio, maybe not being fully pushed on tight enough.... I know on mine, it was a bitch to do because the damn plugs have those plastic things that snap & hold the plug firmly in place. just guessing, but maybe the plug was not fully on ???

The radio display is a very common problem. You'll need to get a light bulb for it. A regular shaped light bulb I mean... it's not an LED in the display. If your radio display comes on/off at times, that would probably be a dusty/dirty contact where the bulb goes. On mine, I jiggled it back & forth and it then made a cleaner contact and worked fine after that.

But if the bulb is totally burnt out, then you'll need to buy a bulb for the display. I used to have a website bookmarked here in "my documents" of a place that sells those display bulbs... But, I just had a hard-drive failure and lost all my docs. If I remember correctly, I found it accidentally bt doing a google search for "delco display bulbs". I seem to remember the website being called " Corvette Radios ". But they had those Delco bulbs there. They were a bit pricey, but very hard to find. I think the damn bulb sold for $10.00; believe it or not.... But, ya' can't find the bulb at radio Shack, so they put the screws to you with the 10 bucks.... I also remember that the website also had replacement LED's for factory Delco radios too.

Hope this helps a bit.... Oops... Upon re-reading your post above, I don't think you have a fuse problem... because your problem seems intermittent. A bad fuse would be bad all the time; not intermittent... So I'd bet your problem is just that bad bulb in your display. Good luck' post your results .....

09-03-2006, 03:18 PM

Here 'ya go.... After some google searches, I found the website. Seems as though the price of the bulbs has gone up a bit... oh well; I know of no other place to get them....
The website also has the LED's too.... Good luck!