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The Reamer
09-21-2006, 07:09 AM
Ok, well over a month ago I noticed my A/C not blowing cold air. I recharged it and didn't think anything of it. Again, overnight the refridgerant GONE! I even tried that stop leak kit (POS....never use those things. They may get the job done, not in my case, but they are not good for your A/C system. I was just lazy.). OK, so there's a leak somewhere. (also the compressor didn't click on anymore)

So at this point, 3 things are apparent.....1. there's a leak. 2. The compressor DOES in fact work. 3. Low pressure sensor engaged to keep compressor from clicking on.

Well, I hadn't had time to check it out, but last night I filled it with UV leak detection stuff through the low-side port. Got my black light out and indeed it's leaking from the compressor where the compressor hose connects. It's not too bad, but it's leaking around the hose connection where I would think a seal or gasket/o-ring should be to keep a leak from happening.

Had anyone had this problem and what did you have to do? Replace hose, compressor, seal/gasket/o-ring?????

So my thoughts/questions are.......

I've read that the reasons to replace the compressor are because it's either not functioning anymore OR because the hose connection is cracked or damaged somehow. Does anyone know anything about that?

Also, if it's not the compressor, is there a seal/gasket/o-ring between the hose and compressor connection??? If so, does anyone have a part number?

edited: Ok I think I answered my last question. I found the compressor seals on rockauto.com. I didn't see any leaks anywhere else other than where I described. Has anyone had any success with just replacing the seals???? The compressor hose is expensive!!!