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11-26-2006, 07:55 PM
I recently did a engine swap on a 97 Grand am SE 3100. After getting the engine installed I can't get it to start. The motor turns with the starter, I'm getting spark, and the fuel rail has pressure. I was thinking it might be the keypass cutting off the injectors, but I have tried to reset it by disconnecting the battery for 15 min and then turning the key to the on posistion and waiting for 10 minutes but it still doesn;t start! the theft light doesn;t blink either?

Also I was thinking that there might be a vac line mis connected to the (?) map sensor (? connects to the post on the coil packs) there are two lines going to its general area. One from the passanger fender and one to the fuel pressure regulator. Do both connect to the (?)map sensor? on the sensor there was a note on the lower nipple that said "CAN" does that connect to the passanger side vac line?

Please lend me some of your knowledge! I need to get this thing running and out of my garage!!
Thanks in advance