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12-01-2006, 01:45 PM
well, before when i would make left turns some sound would come from the pass. side. i have also had the SVS, AVS, and TC lights on maybe 4 times in the past year once just last week. after reading posts here i thought for sure it was the right side wheel bearing. i took the GA out yesterday after sitting for about a week and on left turns it didn't make any noise and no lights popped up. also, some other people with bad wheel bearings have said they get sounds even while going straight and i haven't had that problem. so, now i'm starting to think its something else. i read that it might be an issue with the calipers. but would codes be thrown if something is just rubbing? i gave it a quick once over yesterday and didnt see anything out of the ordinary and all the wiring was still connected. i noticed that my alignment is a touch off but thats something more recent. my rotors are a bit warped but im not sure if that would be the issue. so i'm not sure whats wrong. any thing in particular i should check out? any insight would be appreciated.