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12-03-2006, 01:31 PM
i have a 97 gagt and recently took it in to get its oil change. they told me i have a head gasket thats bad. the reasons they said that was couple of signs.
1. i was completely out of coolant, and i know i dont have a leak
2. the oil that came out of the car was not good, also i actually was getting it changed 1000 miles early amd it is a garage car, not a every day
3.there was a noise that you can hear when the took off the oil cap, sorta like a humming noise
they wanted to do a compression test for 60 bucks to make for certain that that was wrong.
the tech was explaining that to replace gaskets would be to expensive, but if he found that the heads were warped thats when it could get expensive. i really dont feel like paying for all that work and im worried that when he pulls it all apart he will find out worse than im hoping, then i would be stuck fixing it all.
so my question is is there anything i can do test to see what exactly is worng or am i stuck with them opening it up and finding out then?is there anything i should have done since they are gonna take apart it all?