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01-15-2007, 07:48 AM
I just got the steering wheel with radio controls and the new clockspring but I dont see how to take off the old one?
I dont see or feel any holes in the back to take the airbag off?
Do I need to take the shroud off behind the wheel first? How does that come off?

01-15-2007, 03:53 PM
The shroud on the colomn has 3 or 4 7mm bolts in the bottom. Take those off and gently pull the 2 sides apart (carefull because there are plastic clips that hold the 2 halfs together) As for the air bag, you'll more than likely need a special tool that GM uses. A flat screw driver might work, but never tried it. I think thats how it is held on, if not bolts from the back.

Ill be putting my dash back together tonigh, ill take a look and get back to you.

01-15-2007, 11:04 PM
no i just did it, what you need is a puller from KD, just a reg steering wheel puller and the special legs for the puller, they are a separate item, (p/n 3510 i think)if you got your nearest dealer they can show you. those are for the steering wheel. you will also need a pair of snap ring pliers to take the old clockspring off. to take the air bag off, first disable BOTH airbags by deconnecting the air bag connectors on both side of the dash, where the panels pull off for the fuses, they are both bright yellow and both at the top. wait about 35 mins for the capacitors to discharge, then use a T 30 torx(that is fairly long) if you use a screw driver type, then bend the end in a vice, so it is 90* itll make it easier, or use the extra long 3/8 drive socket type, but they have to be long. there are 3 bolts to take off. so first remove the turnsignal assy to get at the bolts. then turn the car on and rotate the steering wheel so all 3 slots are on the right hand side of the column and looen them one at a time. then route the old clockspring harness from behind the instrumen cluster. it is easier to take the cluster out first to avoid getting cut. so then you can see where the yellow wire is routed. thats it. have plenty of light and have fun