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02-05-2007, 11:36 PM
I apologize if this has been covered. I searched and found no answer.

The other day while driving my entire instrument cluster stopped working. All gauges dropped to 0. I turned off the car and tried starting it back up to see if that would remedy the problem. The car wouldn't turn over, so I checked the battery, positive connection had come loose. I reconnected the positive terminal and she started up fine, but still no cluster action.

Car still runs perfectly fine, no dimming of any lights or any malfunctioning accessories other then instrument cluster.

Now it gets confusing.

When the ignition is turned to the "ON" position, fuel and temp gauges register a reading at their proper levels. But once the engine is started, I get no readings. Only the fuel and temp gauges perform their full sweep at start-up, tach and speedo don't budge. This is also accompanied by a battery dummy light.

Occasionally, the entire cluster will work momentarily when started. Anywhere from 10-15 seconds. tach, fuel and temp all register their correct readings. After about 15 seconds, I get a chime and all the needles drop dead. I also get a parade of dummy lights, including SVS, SES, ABS, Brake, Oil, Secutiry and Trac. But no battery light when this happens.

Odometer is not recording mileage at all.

Also my interceptor gauges are not powering up, in the "ON" position, or with the engine running. Possibly a problem with the serial connection?

I read a few threads that made mention of checking several fuses including Cruise control and BCM. I check the Cruise fuse (funny, its still in the panel even though I don't have cruise control) but am having difficulty finding the BCM fuse. Is it refered to as something else on the fuse diagrams? Any other fuses I should check?

Does anyone have any other suggestions of what could be causing my problems? It's definatly not my battery as I just recently replaced it with a Yellow Top, I'm also going to rule out alternator since all the other accessories are functioning without a problem.

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help.

Dave Carney
02-06-2007, 10:21 AM
I'd bet it's your battery. If you have access to another one that you know is good, swap it in for a while, I bet your problems go away. I had my yellow top (on my Formula) for about 8 weeks before I threw in the towel.

02-25-2007, 01:00 AM
Just an update to this. Hopefully someone has some insight.

I've found that the gauge cluster will function 100% perfectly if I unplug my interceptors from the data port. If I start the car with them plugged in or plug them back in once the car is started, they'll all drop to 0.

Any ideas?