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02-18-2007, 09:38 PM
This is the latest incarnation of a system I have used since about 1978. The classic Heil Amt-1 midrange/tweeter in a 2-way 10 inch woofer stereo pair, and a JBL 2215 subwoofer.

The sub can be slot loaded, corner loaded, used as a coffee (beer) table, or like here, with a video monitor. The box is 6 cu.ft., double 3/4 particle board, finished plywood top. The monitor can be slid forward for better viewing, or farther back for critical listening.


Most recent prototype crossover network, mounted inside the box when finished:


The main stereo channels have a 3 cu. ft. box divided into 3 interconnected sections, one driven 10 in. woof, and (so far) 2 passive cones. Once the tuning has been settled on, new enclosures are to be built.



Hey look, it's what's-her-face on SNL :)


I'm almost but not quite satisfied with the sound quality of the system. The challenge has always been to find woofers that are smooth enough yet efficient enough to keep up with these tweets, and matching dispersion patterns. But even as is, I've heard nothing in their size that produces as believable a rock and roll sound, and they do quite well on country and jazz, too. I'll try to get in some pics of the test equipment (mostly old school) and process that goes into the design.

07-20-2013, 06:10 PM
I miss not having a subwoof, but I got everything else moved here ok. Since posting this thread, I installed 12" woofs in the main stereo pair, and went all passive network. 12" woofs are in a 2 cubic foot section of box w/damped port, upper is a low Q 10" woof in a 1 cubic foot sealed section.

It's got a nice, smooth, open midrange, clean yet soft top, and very detailed, flat bass.



I use it to heat the garage ;)

07-20-2013, 06:12 PM
Pretty awesome setup, Which have you used? Bose is the best speakers for gaining best sound quality.

In the early '70s into the '80s, I sold new and used stereo/HIFI equipment and did repairs on them, and also custom built speaker systems. In the '90s I got away from electronics professionally, but still get into it as a hobby sometimes. Most of the raw drivers we used then are not available now, KEF, Philips, Polydax, JVC ribbons, SEAS, (of course, JBL); then Hafler MOSFET amps, Crown, HK Citation and Amber amps and preamps, Dynaco. Some I hand wired and assembled from kits. Many units I have from that era are still functional and get used on occasion. I have five '80s-'90s CD players, all have different degrees of sound quality, of which I have a 1989 Denon currently in use. Off the computer I use an HRT D/A converter out to the stereo system, or Stax and Grado headphones.

I'm not a fan of powered speaker systems, I haven't listened to the newer Bose line source PA systems.
The high standard for sound quality in stereo speakers for me is still the Quad Electrostat, but they don't play loud enough for me.
Other than that, I look for the best ribbon or dome drivers available or that is affordable, and build the system from the top down.

07-20-2013, 06:15 PM
I've had the privilege of sitting it front of this triangle of doom he calls a speaker in his house in Colorado. I tell you what this man knows his stuff!!

Thanks, Kyle, since you heard it I went from 2-speaker active crossover to 3-speaker passive crossover on the bass. I need to make another subwoof. Really would like to try 4 - 12's in an dual Isobarik setup. Car projects have the priority now, though.

11-05-2013, 08:08 PM
haha, these sounded so good, lost interest in the subwoof



04-03-2014, 05:18 PM
re-purposing a room to do work


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