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02-19-2007, 11:29 AM
Hi all..

I have a stalling issue with my 99 GAGT... when it is warm... and I come to a stop and shut it down.. when I restart it a few minutes later, the engine will sputter, the RPMs jiggle and lower and then the car will die. I can restart, but sometimes it is a hard start, like the engine is flooded or something. It will restart tho, and run fine..

This only happens when the car is warm... and not all the time (gotta love problems like this... LOL) ...

I had a idling problem back in August (high idle) that required the Throttle Position Sensor to be replaced.. this started after that (can't remember if it happened before)... Since September... I would say it has stalled maybe 10-12 times... not really all that much, and that makes it harder to diagnose... I just had all the plugs and wires replaced (was getting a LIM job and my shop did that while the car was apart...) and the battery is less than a year old..

Any thoughts???