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04-07-2007, 05:36 PM
i was wondering if anyone has ever changed their steering wheel to one that has the radio controls on it and if the hookup is there to even do so? thanks

04-08-2007, 08:53 AM
yes i just did it a few months back, but first off u put this in the wrong section and alot of people are gonna start griping, so u might wanna move it as soon as u can. second, you will need 4 special tools. first is a regular steering wheel puller. the second are the arms that go through the slots for the steering wheel. you will need a T30 torx bit to take the 2 screws from the back side of the steering wheel off to take the air bag off. it will have to be a rather long torx because they are deep in the back of the steeringwheel. lastly you will need a pair of small snap ring pliers. then u will need the steering wheel with the controls on it and you will need a new clockspring assy to make the controls work. ur GM dealer will have those or you can get lucky and snag them on here like i did. if u need help finding them i can get u prices and numbers, but also u can search the JY for them.

also u will need to disarm the air bags by taking the neg batt cable off for about 30 mins, taking the air bag fuse out and disconnecting both connetors on the pass side and drivers side fuse panels(they are at the top in bright yellow). make sure not to use metal tools to do that or you could accidentally set the air bag off. then just take the old steering wheel nut off with a metric socket, about 17 or 18mm iirc, and take the old clock spring and wiring assy out, you might also want to take the insturment panel out to make this easier. the new harness will fit exactly where the old one was, so just put it in and put everything back. the steering wheel threaded end on the column is keyed so you dont have to index the wheel. thats it, then put is all back like u found it.