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04-08-2007, 11:03 AM
I did my lim repair last weekend and I spent a lot of time trying to find the correct size for all the parts i removed. I used the lim gasket walk through posted in another thread but it was lacking the sizes. So here are the sizes that I used for certain parts. My car is a 2002 gt so I don't know if anything changed over the years but hope fully this will save some time and be helpful to you guys.
Btw these are not in the order i removed them off the car.

-Uim bolts 10mm
-Throttle Body bolts 1/2inch
-Black bracket above throttle body 10mm
-Coil packs as an assembly 10mm for top bolts, 1/2inch for rear bolts
-Vertical lim bolts 10mm
-Angle lim bolts 10mm
-Fuel Presure Regulator t30 torx
-T-stat housing 9/16th
-Power Steering pump 1/2in
-Belt Tensioner 15mm
-Alternator 15mm
-Cruise Control 10mm
-Erg 10mm

Thats all i have for sizes if i missed any try either 10mm or 1/2in they tended to be the main sizes i used.

Also here is the part # for the new 3rd revison lim gasket.
Fel-pro perma dry plus ms 98003 t intake manifold set. This is the new metal gasket with rubber seals. The set contains both the upper and lower gaskets. The upper gaskets are not metal. Both valve cover gaskets are included, along with one tube of black rtv, a thermostat o ring, and seal. The kit does NOT containt a TB gasket or Erg gasket those are needed separetly.

Here is the link to the walkthrough that i used, in this thread there are detailed steps and pictures.

I think thats all the info I have if you need something else just let me know. Hope this helps you guys out.


04-08-2007, 11:46 AM
well the t stat bolts on my car are a 13, all the bolts on the 3400 engine are metric, and the PS bolts are 13 as well. also the map sensor screws are 7mm, u need to take them off to get to the UIM bolt under it. tb bolts are 13 as well