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04-09-2007, 12:48 AM
Hi all,

Well, I guess its time to pay back for beleiving the owners manual when it said the transmission fluid didnt need changed unless the car was in taxi service! So, at 160,000 miles on my 99 GAGT, Tuesday night I was driving home, and the car started making an awful racket. I pulled in to a parking lot thinging I was dragging something. Checked it out, didnt see anything, so I get in, put the car in drive, and NO GO :-( (at least not forward, car went in reverse).

So I took the car to a tranny shop, and was told the transmission needs rebuilt at the low low price of $1900-2600. Called around, and the cheapest place I talked to AAMCO at $1800 for a remanufactured unit.

Of course I knew this wouldnt be a cheap repair, but it seems the car probably isnt worth much more than the cost to fix it. I hate to just ditch the car and move on since I have kept the car in immaculate condition and the int and ext are cosmetically flawless and almost look like the day I bought it new, and the car is worth more to me than to most people. Additionally, I am going back to school full time soon and will not be working (except for my grad assistantship) so I need to be pretty frugal in my decisions.

So I have some options:

1. Just pay the 2 grand and move on. (concerned that something else may go majorly wrong soon and Ill be upside down)

2. Get rid of the car, get something else, and move on.

3. My dad is a backyard mechanic with a pretty decent shop setup and my friend is a car hauler, so I can get the car from Iowa to my dads in Ohio where I will be living for a month before going to grad school, and drive my brothers spare car until then. I dont think we have the know how to to the rebuild (?) but maybe we can get a deal on a replacement and do the swap ourselves. He told me that a rear drive transmission is pretty straightforward, but hes never attempted a front drive transaxle before.

I'm leaning towords option 3, but am a bit afraid that we'll be getting in over our heads. Im sure we can figure it out, since my dad builds street rods from the ground up, but Im not sure that we'll really save any money over option 1.

What do you guys think, any opinions are appreciated!


04-09-2007, 10:57 AM
front drive trans are a world apart from RWD. trust me i know. im going to now shamelessly plug my trans rebuild. if u want to send me ur trans i can see what itll take to rebuild it, which would cost less, or i can find one for about $400 and rebuild it with better than stock parts. if you want to know more then PM me. i can guarantee lower than 2 grand for everything.