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04-23-2007, 10:05 AM
New to the forum, new to Grand Am's. I have 2 questions..#1 is about the turn signals. I have read just about every post on this site, and others, concerning this problem. I took the information, from this site, and removed and cleaned the multi switch turn signal contacts. Now that I have done this, the clicking of the relay, behing the hazzard switch, has went from constant to every once in a while. My question is, did I clean the contacts properly, or is this now the recall? It seems that It can go either way. One post suggest that it could be the contacts, others states it could be the recall on the relay. My other question is what is the easiest way to remove the rear deck monsoon speakers? Top or Bottom? If you replace them, how do you wire to a standard speaker. Do I need to cut the fact amp out? I have thought of buying new fact monsoon speakers and installing a 2-way box. What wire would I tap into, the low freq or the high freq or both?

04-23-2007, 11:18 AM
the rear speakers are only taken out from the top, but u have to take the rear seats down first, then take the retainers out of the back dash, then lift up the back dash, disconn the speakers and pus the tabs on the 2 front sides of the speakers and push up, the lift the front and slide it out. if you get stock speakers to replace them, they will have the same type plug in.

and on the turn signal its either not clean, or the flasher(hazzard) is bad, i would replace both of them if it were me, because when it was me i did and did not have any problems