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05-01-2007, 09:54 PM
I have been researching for a long time about getting a new sound system for my 2002 grand am and I still don't really understand what exactly I need to get for it all to work right.. receivers, amps, speakers, sub woofers.. I'm just not sure what will go well together and work right.

I've been using crutchfield mostly to find what will fit my car and they have had some helpful articles and reviews. I think I would be interested in getting the 'JBL Power P452' front speakers and the 'Polk Audio MMC6500' rear deck speakers. But I have no idea what kinds of amp(s), receiver, or subwoofer I would need.

So if anyone can for one tell me if the front and rear speakers I chose would be good and if someone can recommend or direct me to a good subwoofer and reciever.


Edit: I just happen to come across the Alpine SWR-1242D subwoofer and it looks like what I am looking for and it has great reviews. But I really don't know what kind of amp or amps I would need for all of this.

05-01-2007, 10:12 PM
my best advice, is to go into a local sound shop by you... and ask what they think is best. sometimes paying more for better equipment, you will enjoy. depends on what ur looking for, but i'd start at a local shop.

05-01-2007, 10:28 PM
ok, thanks.

05-02-2007, 07:09 AM
everyone is differnt. what might sound great to the guys at a local car audio shop, might sound awful to you. i'd go to a store and test those JBL's and Polks, and see how you like them. then i'd go around and test as many other speakers as i possibly could listen to in town. and while your there, you might as well look at subs. listen to everything you can possibly listen to. look at HU's too. look at features, and what works for you best. a lot of people on this board like Alpine. i personally dont. i'm a pioneer and kenwood guy. just anther example that you have to stick with what fits you. last thing to worry about is amps. and when you pick subs and speakers we can help you with those, as far as brands and ohms, and all that fun stuff. but right now, you mission to be to listen to everything. leave no speaker unheard.

Steve Armstrong
05-24-2007, 09:19 PM
I guess you would have to consider your budget and preference.


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