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05-04-2007, 09:01 AM
Hi all..

I have a 1999 GAGT ... 137K miles...

My problem is rather, well, odd..... This morning I turn the key to start the car and get the usual *dinging*..... but it not stop... It kept dinging even after the car started.. and not continous... more of a *ding ding ding... pause.... ding.... pause... ding ding... pause ding ding ding....... ding.... pause....*

This continued even after I put it in drive.. got a couple more dings.. then it stopped...

Started again when I parked and put it in park... continued even after putting it back in drive (but I did not move the car).... then I shut off the car and took the key out.. got one last *Ding* WHILE the key was out...???????

I got out of the car and tried to lock it using the locking switch on the door, it would NOT lock (always did before, with a couple of dings) but this time... nothing..... It DID lock using the key fob locking thing...

Thoughts?? Anything??

The battery is new (last summer)
The Alternator is a couple years old...

Any ideas would be appreciated...


05-04-2007, 10:37 AM
u might have a bad switch, since alot of the internal memeory controls for driver option is controlled by that and lets off a series of dings for what ever mode it is in, i would look st the switch and the wiring to it. just replace it with the drivers side switch and see if it happens again