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05-23-2007, 02:12 AM
Got an 01 GA 2.4l 96k mi
Problem started about 3 weeks ago. Comes and goes in all aspects.
Rough start. Sometimes 3 trys.
occasional stall at light. rough idle in nuetral when acting up.
occasional hesiatation on initial acceleration.
at 45 mph, when release gas pedal sometimes car drags more then resumes normal coast. strange idle fluctuations while driving.
Then, on some days, it is completely fine. Not weather related. Not hot/cold engine related.
Replaced plugs, inspected and cleaned boots. Inspected coil pack housing for cracks. No codes. No check engine light. Injectors flushed 6 months ago. Throttle body cleaned. Feel free to ask more Qs. Not sure if I covered everything looked at.

Thanks for the help.

05-23-2007, 10:07 PM
well i would hook up a fuel pressure gauge that you can see while you are driving to make sure you are getting good fuel pressure. also there wont be visible crack for the coils to show signs of going out. if you think they are going out, it is just a good idea to replace them. also clean the MAF alot of times that will agitate things. other than that, if the engine has alot of miles on it i would look at replacing the timing chain as well, that can cause some mechanical misfiring. also the ignition control module should be checked as well, any good parts store like oreillys will be able to test the module and make sure it is working ok. other than that, check ALL of the body grounds and splice pack connections and make sure they are ok. that all i can think of

also change out the fuel filter...good preventative maintenance

05-25-2007, 10:24 AM
Thanks gectek,
Will work on the fuel pressure. Assumed that a fuel pump either was good or bad. Not intermitten.

Saw some other threads where the plastic housing had cracks that was allowing the juice to arc over instead of getting to the plug. Is there a good way to test the coil packs? Maybe buy 1 and switch positions? They are $50 each.

Cleaned the MAF not too long ago. Will check again.

Timing chain would be a pricy option. Heard that it is somehow connected to the waterpump too. Might be good to do both at the same time if it is a lot of labor for either.

ICM-will need to find a "good" parts store to test out that. What type of equipment do they use?

grounds and cables all good.

Thanks again. I'll post more after some work.

05-25-2007, 10:41 AM
ok to answer ur questions one at a time, the coils can be tested as well at the auto parts store like oreillys, at oreillys they use a brand new borg warner module tester that has all the leads for every coil and module, it is really good, also u can test ur coils without a load by taking them off and putting an ohm meter on the primary side(the small slits on the bottom) and that should be low like 2 ohms or so and the secondary side(the pins on top) should be about 5-7k ohms.

i dont think the timing (belt i think on urs) would be a good thing to change since they usually wear pretty bad at 60-70k miles...also FYI you can get the MSD coils cheaper than the factory ones, i got mine for $40 a piece IIRC or somewhere in there. and the fuel pressure can change based on alot of things...so check that good

also fuel filter is a good idea as well, just basic maintenance like that can sure help fix alot of driveability problems

05-25-2007, 11:53 AM
my 3400 seems to start kinda rough sometimes too. but lately (it's been warmer) it has turned over like a "normal" car would. it was spiratic tho even when it did it. i did change my battery though and that seemed to help, maybe your cranking amps are low. cuz soomeone said the cranking amps it takes is 650, and most only put out 700, so have it checked at a auto store or something.

05-28-2007, 02:34 PM
thanks for the tip. Battery is less than six months old and will crank all day.
I live in Az so it's either warm or hot as far as temp. Cold and hot starts work equally. Sometimes it fires right up, others it takes 2 or 3 trys, with extra pedal and without.

05-28-2007, 02:48 PM
id bet money it wont crank ALL day but ya i get your point, its not going dead when you go to start it. Still tho, get it tested, mine "Started fine" but was very low.