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06-07-2007, 09:16 PM
yes ive searched. 1st off i think i have a wheel bearing going bad seems to make noise when driving but doesnt get increasingly louder with speed. noise does not get worse if i turn in one direction or another it stays constant always. also my front brakes seem to be making noise but only at low spees like 40mph or less sounds like a wear indecator. i havent pulled the wheel and checked the pads yet but ive only put about 10k miles on since my last brake job new pads all around new rotors in the rear and we turned the front rotors. ive stoped driving like an ass i find it hard to believe ive killed a set of pads in only 10k miles most have been highway. dont know what else to look for to figure out what is makeing the noise this is what i think is broke if any one has any ideas or sugestions on what to check its greatly appreciated. also if it is a wheel bearing do i have to replace the entire hub or can i do just the bearing, if its just he bearing is this something i can do or should i take it to a shop.