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06-20-2007, 06:53 PM
Ok So i kno about ----- that much about cars... well a lil more than that but not enuff. Im in Iraq and i have my Grand am sitting at home waiting for me to throw money into it. this is what im trynna do.

1. Its an automatic...which is fine... but i rather have a man. and since i plan on switchin the tranny anyway hey why not... question is, Whats a good man. trans that will fit in a 03' GT. Oh and i thought it would be nice to have a AutoStick... but cant seem to find an application compatible with the Grandam.

2. So im guessing a turbo charger isn't possible or atleast is ill advised on this engine right? I'm content with a supercharger but whats the gas milage drop with this? and also, im not sure where boost controlers regulate boost in the turbo process but is it possible to add one to a supercharger to turn it instantly from a daily driver to a racer?

3. ok im looking for some good lowering kits. The car is gonna be more aimed towards appearence more so than performance but i still want the best of both worlds. also when lowering this car is it a good idea to readjust the camber as well?

Theres alot more questions or concerns i have but these are the main ones im looking to tackle right now.

06-20-2007, 07:04 PM
welcome to the site.

1. if you look a few threads down theres is a thread already talking about manual transmissions. you can do that swap if you want but like its said, you can build up the auto and have a good transmission.

2. you can turbo the 3400. depending on how much power your going go with youll probably need to build up the engine either way if you go with an SC or turbo. if you build either setup right, you wont have to worry about turning the boost up or down when your driving around.

3. theres a sticky in the suspension section that talks about lowering springs with pictures so you can see what looks the best to you. if you do lower it you will most likely need to get your alignment checked.

stick around this site and read the threads youll learn a lot. also try the search itll help you find info. and in the future try using a more relevant thread title.

06-20-2007, 08:41 PM
Actually there is nothing wrong with a turbo for your engine and you'll have better luck with that than you will with trying to switch transmissions.