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06-25-2007, 10:39 PM
Ok, so I'm in the process of putting a 3400 in a J-body, and want to get a jumpstart on the theft-lock. the car the engine is going in doesn't have a BCM, and research leads me to believe that I can't disable the Passlock stuff in the PCM and eliminate the need for a BCM.

So, which wires exactly do I need to hook up to a BCM to allow the Passlock only.

these are the wires that I've ID'd so far:

C2-A6, Magnetic Rotation Detection Sensor Return
C2-B4, Magnetic Rotation Detection Sensor Signal
C3-A10, Ground-Clean
C3-B2, Serial Data Signal, Class B, 10400 Baud (Primary)
C3-B4, Magnetic Rotation Detection Ignition Key Cylinder Sensor Feed 12 Volt Reference

PCM is a 99 GAGT, and has not seen a BCM signal since I had it reflashed.

Or if there is a surefire way to shut it off using HPT, I'm very interested in knowing...