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06-28-2007, 04:33 PM
Recently I have been having a problem with my car misfiring. It started when I went to change the plugs, wires, and coils. I put in Bosch +2's and Bosch Wires along with Accel Coils. About a week and a half later i started feeling a random miss, it would happen rarely, but began to occur more and more, and the following week i replaced the plugs figuring that the Bosch's were my problem. I put in AC Delco Platinums and they were great and not misfiring. My car has run great for the last three weeks and i thought i was in the clear. That is when it struck. On the way in to get a new set of tires this morning, i was pulling off the highway and came to a stop and felt the car idling very roughly, and knew it was missing really bad. The SES came on shortly after and i went to get the tires and they said it had a misfire on cylinder 2. They wiggled a couple wires and said they thought it was the wire or coil. After a nice little incident where they put on the wrong size tire which cause the bottom of the springs to sit on the tire and lots of burnt rubber and smoke, i picked up a new plug, set of wires and coil pack. I changed out the wire, no luck. Changed the coil, again no luck. Changed the plug, no luck. I looked on here a little and read about vacuum leaks and thought maybe that was the cause and i could hear a leak. So i tightened down the upper intake manifold, and with the new coil pack in it is not missing like before. Enough so that the check engine light went off. I drove the car around to get it up to temp and drove fine and the parked to let it idle and it is now having the really slight/random miss at idle like before i changed the plugs. One thing i noticed is that when the car does stumble, i can hear a small spark, like something shorting out from the back of the engine like around the coils. I think this is what is causing the miss, a short, but I am not sure where it is shorting out. I don't think it is the wire, i think it is very near the coil pack but am not sure where to look or try to check ( i would prefer not to get shocked by the coil or wire). Does anyone have any ideas of where the short might be occurring? Any help is much appreciated especially since i will be driving about 2 hours to go back to college and i really want to get this in order before i do.

The second thing is while getting the new tires, they noticed that the drivers front outer tie rod has excess play in it. It is not overly expensive to have fixed, under $200 or 175 including an alignment too, but i was wondering how difficult it is to replace on my own. If anyone has done it or has any pointers, they would be helpful, else ill just take it to a shop.

Thanks for all your help!

06-28-2007, 04:56 PM
yup thats your first problem, no Bosch plugs for our cars man. i got rid of mine and changed to NGK tr55s and cant complain.

06-28-2007, 05:18 PM
yeah i realized that after i bought/installed them, but now i have AC's in it

06-28-2007, 05:32 PM
i think iv heard that NGK and the AC Ds are the same

06-28-2007, 06:41 PM
Alrighty, I have figured out that one of the accel coil packs i had was faulty, i just tried to put it back in and the blinking SES light came back along with the misfire, so i traded it back out and the misfire is gone, but i still have a random miss. ill probably be taking it to the dealer to have the tie rod replaced and also have them check the rough idle out too.