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08-26-2007, 10:56 AM
I ran several searches for this, and can not find what I'm looking for, so someone please help me out.

When I have the HVAC on max, I get alot of air out of the main top center vent, and very little from the side center vents, and even less out of the vents on the passenger and driver's sides. If I switch the controls to have the air set to blow on the floor, the amount of air coming out of the top vents lessens, but is still pretty significant.
- If I switch the controls to just defrost (turning the knob on the right to the farthest it will go right) I get some air out of the vent under the windshield, very little air out of the small vents on the left and right side of the dash, and still a pretty decent amount of air out of the top center vent only. It seems as if the directional control which controls the path the air takes through the ducting isn't working correctly. Now, naturally, if I lower the fan speed, the amount of air coming out decreases, however where it actually comes out is the same.

- When you change the air vent direction, you can hear the "wooshing and clicking" inside the dash as if the air dams are moving to direct the air where it's supposed to go, but the end results are the same, and the air isn't coming out of where it's supposed to. For example, if I set it to blow on the floor only, I still have air coming out of the center vents.

Has anyone experienced something similar, and if so, how hard/expensive is it to fix?

If you haven't fixed it, can anyone offer some insight as to where to start looking to find the issue? I know very little about the hvac ducting set up, and am looking to "do my homework" and see if isn't something I can or can not fix myself before paying a mechanic to do it.

Please help me if you can!???!!!!

PS - I'm guessing this could be related. Today, when driving the car, if I came to a stop at a light, my rpms would stay at about 2000rpm, which is definately not normal. I had to keep shifting into neutral to take the load off of the drivetrain. Once I parked it, the idle was about 2500 rpms in park. Searching on here, I've read that this could be a vaccumn leak issue. I also checked the throttle cables thinking maybe the throttle was sticking or something like that, but to no avail. So once I got home, I let the car sit for about 4 hours to cool off, went out, started it, and let it run for 15 minutes to see if it would do it again, and it ran fine. I turned the AC on max and let it run as well, and still ran fine. Not sure what caused it to do what it did today, but wondering if it could somehow be related to the vent issues outlined above?