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10-09-2007, 07:00 PM
i found thanks to a member the car cover i was looking for. NOW car is on the 2 floor of a 3 floor under ground parking .

last year my first year at this storage area , car had a thick layer of concrete dust . it is heated storage and obviuosly there is some air movement. a see vent shafts etc. dust took serveral cars wash and even hand wash to remove.

it i get a cover that turns out to be big enough that it touches the floor , is that a big problem. the gagt's messaure length 187 inch length . but i have the A*D rear spoiler so must allow for that .

mirror to mirror it appaers the widest point there is 78 inches give or takes a bit . not sure if that is were cover companies measure there width by.

the sizes they have are 170 x 68 x 46 inch ,and 200 inch long and 228 L x 79 w x 46 h .

looks like the height is the same for all 3 sizes . do not know width and height for 200 inch.. first size of 170 is out too small. what do you think is the best of the other 2 sizes