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11-12-2007, 11:12 AM
front head right by the crossover pipe, looks fairly accessible if i remove the coolant pipe and crossover pipe. anyone have any expirence with these ? im not sure where to get a new one, kinda odd. my car is mint with 26k on it, and the lim is leaking oil too. friday im going to pull the lim and deal with this freeze plug thing, hopefully this is something that can be done in a day. i am a compitient mechanic but have been building carb'd 5.0 mustangs for the last few years and havent been under the hood of a fwd car lately...sigh...everything is so cramped. any and all input would be appriciated before i tackel this. oh, i have done searches but just wanted some up to date info on the lim stuff...what brand of gaskets are best, use threadlocker or sealant on bolts, etc.......