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11-19-2007, 03:45 PM
All, I just got some Katzkin replacements in and I am wondering if anyone can provide tips for some problem areas I'm finding with removing the factory interior.

1. Headrests - It appears I need to remove the ugly piece of plastic that is the seatbelt holder to get the leather on. Also, it appears maybe at least the headrest leather will just go over top of the factory cover - if not, how is it best removed?

2. The rear seats seem to be wrapped around a bar that facilitates the seats folding down. How best can you get around this? Cut the fabric? I see no other access point.

3. Headrest attachment on seat body. The small plastic caps seem like they should be removable, but Im not sure how best to pop them off.

Thanks, more questions may come - or perhaps someone can point me to some good tips/tricks/instructions?


11-19-2007, 05:39 PM
Through some more digging through the forums and experimenting, I was able to at least get all the interior seat pieces out.

The rear seat is a simple pull-up and pop-out removal. The rear back pieces are the sliding of one of the metal pieces holding each piece in, between the seats if you fold them all the way down.

I'm still looking for some help on removing the plastic pieces attached to the head rest and the small circular plastic pieces at the top of the front seats where the head rests attach.