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11-29-2007, 10:49 AM
i did my seaches. not much. surprising. my dual post the glass as alot of fine scatches etc likely from past rent users scraping ice etc. so was hoping to replace glass some day.

but past 2-3 years if i am right over top i do see what appears to be below the clear coat one large area of light fading right on top.

you can not see it as soon as you step away a few inches from mirror , because my paint colour is metallic silver mist. so just hoped it would not get worse. you have to be right over them and see it in the right light.

i kept waxing them. but right now my car is still not in heated storage for this year and any cold rain has sat on areas of mirrors. now you can easily see cloudy round water spots. still seem to be under the clear coat ???.

will this go away or back to less noticeable in warmer weather? if i end up buying new dual post mirrors just how good are there ton of ebay aftermarket mirrors. and who can show me photo's of members with the aftermarket mirrors on there car.