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12-15-2007, 11:18 PM
The other day I heard a noise and thought it was my imagination but later that day I heard it again coming from the front right tire, no it isnt a squeak, or a creak and it isnta squeal, it sounds like your rubbing your fingers against saran wrap or seomthing, that type of noise, like the tire is rubbing against the wheel well, but I know it isnt, just started doing it randomly, went away for a day or 2 so I thought o well, but it was doing it again today, any ideas before I take it into the shop to have it looked at? And once again, no it isnt a hi pitched noise, or a squeak or squeal or a creaky noise.

Also should have added that it only happens when it I turn the wheel ALL the way to the right. not slightly, only all the way.

12-16-2007, 03:08 PM
IMO it sounds like you have a tire rubbing. Qustions. 1. How long have you had your rims?, 2. what size are the rims?, 3. are the tires the proper size? 4. Is your car lowered? If so, how much? Basic questions but might help you figure out the problem. Also, check the bearing and tie rods to make sure there is no play.