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12-16-2007, 07:48 PM
I just purchased a used 2003 grand am gt instrument cluster to relpace mine mine to a 1999 pontiac grand am gt because it was cracked they both had simular miles on them with in 50 miles. but when I but in the new one the airbag light comes on and the low trac light does not illumintate with the traction contol is limiting wheel spin. On start up up when the instrument cluster does the guage sweep the Low trac light does illuminate as normal. what could be the problem. If I but in my old instrument cluster the airbag light does not come on and the low trac light illuminates when it is suppose to. I know I got the 2003 instrument cluster form a whole sale and Im thinking that the car it came from may have been in an accident thus the reason the airbag light is on. Is there anyway to reset the instrument cluster in any way does anyone know what I should do.