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12-16-2007, 09:01 PM
What problems will come up when i take the pcm from my 00 and put it in the 01?

Reason for asking is that the 00 is supercharged, and i'm swapping the blower to the 01 and would rather swap the pcm instead of paying the dealer an hours labor to reflash the 01 to the s/c specs.

i figure the radio will probably not work due to the theftlock system, but anything else?

They are the same exact car. The ONLY differences in the 2 cars is that one has a din and a half cd player opening and one has the double din. EVERYTHING ELSE IS THE SAME. :)

insight is welcome

edit: incase you can't tell from the avatar the engine(s) the 2.4L. Both cars are auto ;)

12-17-2007, 01:57 PM
The theftlock programming for the radio is in the bcm so switching pcm's won't affect it at all. It might affect the theft deterrent code between the PCM and BCM, meaning if they are out of sync and don't match up the car won't start, but you can do the security relearn emergency start procedure to get it started. It's on here somewhere if you search, pretty easy to do. It's only supposed to be so you can get it to the dealership though to get the pcm re-flashed. I think you still have to get the pcm flashed after that though or it might not start again, because the pcm has your vin number in it and it won't match. Not sure if there are any other differences in the tables and stuff in the pcm between those years of 4cyl SE's. If I was you I wouldn't mess around and take chances with stuff and deal with the headaches. I'd just swap the SC and get both pcm's flashed to the correct bin's at the dealer, or get someone with HPtuners to help you do it.

12-17-2007, 05:45 PM
Yea, the crappy part of that is paying 2 hours labor to have them flash them. i guess hptuners is an option too, i guess i'll head to the local j body guys and see about getting someone to buy the credits to flash em.

any other suggestions/insight are welcome.

thanks for the reply Aaron