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01-04-2008, 06:00 PM
OK i live in a rural area so i have no access to a Code reader so i'm stuck on just replacing sensor after sensor.
The car is a 97 3.1L i'm certain that my timing is way off. Engine is getting plenty of fuel. Now i've replace the Camshaft Sensor below the power steering pump and the Crankshaft Sensor below the rear exhaust manifold. Now the sensor behind the crankshaft pulley this has not been replaced. also i've replaced the the coil packs and ignition module. still no start.
i've hooked up my timing light to each spark plug wire and i get a pulse but it is erratic.
So could the crankshaft sensor behind the pulley cause this also how hard would this be to replace?


01-06-2008, 03:48 PM
today i replaced the 24x Crankshaft sensor the one that is behind the crank pulley. Tried to start the car still no go. also did the pcm relearn but no luck.
The old sensor had all three wires exposed near the connector and all three were touching each other.
would this ruin my pcm because of the wires touching? the pcm circuit shows that two wires go back to the pcm and the third wire goes back to the ignition module. so my quess is that the pcm has burnt out. any idea's on where else to start?