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01-06-2008, 04:13 PM
I have a 2002 gagt and i was wanting to know how the wiring is going into the maf sensor because i wired it up according to the Haynes manual where (when the connector retainer is facing up) the red wire is the center black wire on the right and the yellow on the left. I went up to Pontiac on my lunch break and looked on another 3400 grand am and the wiring color combo i got was black center, yellow right and red left. i checked and it has power and the ground has continuity but the pcm is not getting a signal. did the maf wiring colors ever change? would wiring the maf wrong possibly "burn up" the maf?? im 99% sure that the signal wire is in good condition, but i believe maybe the connector is bad. i hooked up my fluke meter too it and tried to get a hertz number (yes it has that feature) while revving the engine by the tb. should it read hz in park or would i have to test it in gear??? what should i look for when i go about testing the maf if it is good? should there be continuity between the + and - prong on the maf? what should the resistances be on all 3 prongs?? i did check the continuity between the + and - and it didnt have any, thats why im thinking its burned up, and i just bought it a week or so ago.

01-06-2008, 11:14 PM
Both my Aleros have the wires coded: Pink, Black/White, Yellow..

I hooked up a 12-volt power supply to a spare unit I have, and monitored the Yellow signal terminal with an o-scope, used a blower-vac to provide some airflow, and could see the square pulse frequencies change....

Resistances between the terminals varied from 1.4 to 3 megohms, sometimes rising to an open circuit, depending on test probe orientation, so I believe there is some capacitance and possibly diodes in the circuitry internal to the MAF element.

01-06-2008, 11:27 PM
they sell the MAF connector at the gm dealer. like 30 bucks list price. (I believe, last time i bought it was 3 yrs ago). Its simple swap out w/ crimp on butt connectors which comes in the packet. Plus it comes w/ 12" longer wires, good if u need more slack/extention.

01-07-2008, 06:58 AM
Thanks for the info, i get discounts with toyota employee cause the same guy owns both so hopefully the connector wont be $30. i tried doint the hz test with my fluke and i didnt get a reading at all.
thanks again!