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01-12-2008, 03:41 PM
im basically going off of sole opinion on this one.....but my 95 GT is in need of a new "heart transplant" and i been leaning toward the 3400 swap(after being told my dream of swaping in a 3800 series III is impossible) i decided to go with the 3400 swap....but then a few people told me to check out Milzy-there based in ohio, i live in ohio-koo lah....i seen they have a 3500 swap for 3100 powered cars. The prices arent that big of a differance....$1800 for the 3400....$2500 for the 3500. My goal is to get my GT to run at least low 14's....id love to get her in to mid to high 13's....which engine has more power potential?? i know there is a few aftermarket performance for the 3400, but know of none, let alone anything about the 3500 engine. I know its found in the Olds Intrigue and Aurora-thats all i know. Any help, opinion....anything would be greatly appriciated. Thanx

01-12-2008, 05:00 PM
Well, the 3800 swap wouldn't be impossible... just not easy and more expensive than it's worth. The 3400/3500 swap would be better. 3400, there is more out there for them. 3500, it's a smoother more powerful engine in stock form. There are still things you can do to a 3500 too, and more is coming out all the time. It really just depends on what you plan on using the car for and how heavily you want to mod the engine. I'd really recommend doing some reading on 60degreev6.com since they have the most info on those engines.

Oh, and the 3500 is not found in the intrigue or aurora. That's a dohc engine.

01-13-2008, 03:41 PM
"Oh, and the 3500 is not found in the intrigue or aurora. That's a dohc engine"

My fault dude....i just looked up a few search engines-typing 3500 engine V6- and every website it took me to, it only mentioned those 2 cars.....so what car did the 3500 come out of???

01-13-2008, 10:10 PM
LX9 3500 engines were used in the Buick Rendezvous and Terraza, the Chevy Malibu and Uplander, the Pontiac G6 and Montana, and the Saturn Relay. In addition there were LZE and LZ4 3500's used in the Chevy Impala and Monte Carlo, and in later models of the G6. A complete list of available engines and cars is available here. GM media online (http://media.gm.com/us/powertrain/en/product_services/r_cars/index.html)

01-14-2008, 03:54 PM
kool my dude-thanx alot. now, will any of these 3500's fit into my car??or they are all the same?? do they all basically got the same power rating?? i appriciate all your help man. would it be worth it to get a 3400, bore it out from a 3.4L to a 3.5L, and still use the readily aftermarket parts for it(the 3400)?? or just go for the 3500 and just use whats available for that?? im EXTREMLY new at the whole grand am scene....i been an import guy(big power from lil' ol' 4bangers) for the past 10years......any help from anyone is beyond greatly appriciated.....

01-14-2008, 06:02 PM
All the LX9 engines were rated either 196hp or 201hp depending on application and 213-221lb/ft torque. It's basically just the difference of programming and intake/exhaust design for each model. The engines are the same. Any of those should fit, but you'll need some parts to do the swap and make it work because they have some different sensors and stuff. Not sure on what all you'd need for a '95 GA... 60v6 would be the best place to ask.

The 3400 is 92mm bore and 84mm stroke, and the 3500 is 94mm bore and 84mm stroke, so you could probably bore out the 3400 to 3.5L, but the 3500 block would be better to start with IMO. Some of them came with stronger cranks and oil squirters if I remember correctly, and they are just a smoother engine. The 3400 has stronger connecting rods though, and easier to find replacements since the rod journals are similar size to SBC rods and same length. 3500 would need custom rods if you need something stronger than stock. 3500 has better cylinder head and intake manifold design for NA applications... ported 3400 heads work better for boost than ported 3500 heads though... most of the 3500 top end can be swapped to the 3400 also. Again, what route you go really depends on your plans for the car.

01-14-2008, 07:01 PM
thats what up man, my car is a daily driver...fully gutted interior minus the front seats and dash...everything else is bare red metal.I just got it about 6months ago.Had extremly high mileage on it when i bought it and(odom read 215,...) yea....and i know the motor mount busted on it about 4-5 years ago and the motor was swapped but for another high mileage-but not as high mileage as whats was in it at the time. The didnt replace the odom or keep records of anything.I got it like i said 5-6 months ago and drove the dog shyt out of that V6 with abosolutly no problems until the fuel pump went out. Which,bein 13yeard old,is where i am now.Fuel pump went out and needs changed and i know thers prolly more stuff on that car thats still from the day it rolled in 95, in need of replacement....i wana do a swap...a swap well-worth it,i wana keep track of something,practically brand new.Records,maintience all documented by me. if i swapin the engine, then i kno i gota do somethin with the fuel system upgrade anyway....i plan on swappin it, droppin the car, put 4 racing seats in it(its a daily driver), and i still want a quick accelerating, decently fast in the top end, torquey on the take-off car i can still go from me gettin off work and goin and doing some sort of time-trial type stuff, if i would possibly feel like doin that day....and still take sown the 1/4 at a nice time....i coulda sold my car to buy a 68 442 with a v8 and what not, but something told me to keep the car and stick to my guns and build the car into what i want it to be. Some of my car homies tell me its worth doin....others say its not...

01-14-2008, 08:07 PM
I'd say a 3500 swap with a reground cam would be right up your ally. It would be fast and reliable enough for daily driving. You'd need to be able to change the injectors and tune the computer though. unfortunately, I think in '95 they were using OBD1.5 pcm's, which you basically can't do anything with. You'd have to convert the car to either the older OBD1, or newer OBD2 in order to be able to program it. I'm not sure which is easier.

02-10-2008, 10:25 PM
what are the necessary steps in converting a car from OBD1.5 to a OBD1 or OBDII??? besides an obvious ECU swap, what else?? would i have to re-wire the whole basic electrical business???

02-11-2008, 12:06 AM
if u could call milzy tomorrow and he can give u the info u need! since u r closer u could drive down here if u wanted to let him talk a look at it andprolly gie u an exact amount on how much it would cost :) and he shouldnthave any problem doing it! if u want email him tomorrow and ill let him know that your interested!