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01-14-2008, 04:24 PM
yesterday i went to google, and typed in 95 Gran Am GT.....i clicked on the 'images' icon at the top...it brings up a pic of this yellow supercharged 95 GA GT. now, it appears to be a concept. Wheels,badges,even the hood....functional ram air.. I was wondering if that ever went beyond concept....or something similiar to it was made??? ive looked at plenty of hoods for my 95 GT, and i found only 2. FX Designs makes one...and its even ram air....but that boy is FUGLY!!!!! AndysAutoSport makes the other and i like that one, but im not putting an ugly,bulky body kit on my car-especially when pontiacs stock body kit for the GT is way better looking than any aftermarket kit, but that hood by AAS seems like it only would only look good on a body kitted car, i dont think it would "do work" on my stock kit. Any help, any feedback, anything on this would be helpful-thanx