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01-19-2008, 04:25 PM
i was on the net lookin up sway bars for my ride....because im droppin my car down 1.6" all the way around after the tax money comes back, but any-hoo....i was lookin around for some sway bars...i found some from a company called Addco, but they only have them for the 88-94 Grand Am's. Since they are availablr for the 94's, would those still work on my 95??i didnt think there was much of a difference between the 94's from the 95's. I could be wrong-considering im new to the whole Grand Am scene. Like i said, i plan on droppin it and i just wanna tighten ery'thing up with the sway bars. Any help, possibly another company that makes sway bars for the 95.....thanx