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01-28-2008, 05:41 PM
Ok well I have a 98 GAGT and have some problems. The car turns on. but wont do anything with driving. first just thought it was a bad clutch, took it to a shop and they wanted to charge $900 because they said they had to drop the tranny. so I looked around to find a better price and didnt find much. I had my friends dad come over and look at it, he said he thinks that it was the CV joint, I said what is that and he said it was something to do with the tranny and FWD. So I took it to the shop, they said the part was about 60 bucks and after labor and everything would be about $200. well the next day they called me and said that your tranny is shot. OK. There was no sign of any transmission problems at all since I have had the car. No slipping no anything. Am I gettting jipped? I just wanted some honest opinions before I get a rebuild or sell the car.. anything helps please!!!

oh and BTW it is a 5 speed manual. :)

01-29-2008, 12:09 PM
well u need to look over the clutch components first, but from your post i gather you do not have very much mechanical experience with cars(if im wrong then correct me). first off a good visual inspection is a must. look for any hydraulic leaks, also to check the cv shafts(one comes from each side of the trans to drive the wheels), you should look at the boots on both ends to make sure they are ok. next try to move them in and out and then turn them. there should be very litte in and out play and very little rotational movement. next move your trans through the gears with the car off and the parking brake on. also there is a drain plug on your trans, but idk where, someone with a manual should be able to tell u on that. drain the fluid and make sure it looks ok. the manual trans is very simple, power goes in from the flywheel of the engine, through the clutch plate, to the input shaft, the gears that are selected then drive the differential in the trans which in turn drives the cv shafts to turn your wheels...if your trans is messed up, i would have a qualified manual trans and drivetrain shop look at it.

01-29-2008, 05:13 PM
never heard of a 5 speed just going. There would be no slipping or missing gears that happens in an automatic where pressure is needed. Like gectek said go through the gears maybe your linkage is snapped its what links your stick to the transmission. Does it do nothing or does it try to move a little or get really bumpy but not go anywhere?