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02-20-2008, 10:23 AM
so i just got my car back up and running, everythings been fine...but i just ran into a problem that i dont have the slightest clue as to what im in for....i lost my last and only set of keys. Ive already dont the routine looking where i was at, everywhere i got out my car......no luck. The thing is, is that my ignition key comes out of the ignition and i usually pull them out, due to my heavy keychain and shyt. what can i do about this?? am i going to have to get a whole new igniotion??? is it hard to put in??? that would cure the motor starting up-what would i have to do about my trunk and door keys??? thanks alot guys......

02-20-2008, 10:28 AM
I'm totally confused by your questions.
Are you asking-
1: I lost my keys, how do I get new ones?
2: My ignition system is messed up, how do I replace it?
3: Something else

Maybe I'm just smoking something, but I can't really try to help until I understand your problem.

02-20-2008, 10:39 AM
Mine comes out and it doesnt bother me. Now i can take my keys out and leave the car running and lock it. I prefer it on mine.

02-20-2008, 10:46 AM
From what I understand, you just lost your key. I've heard dealerships can cut you new keys off of your VIN number so that may be your best bet. Obviously proof of ownership would be needed as well..

02-20-2008, 11:01 AM
Yeah dont have a store do it, they have screwed up 3 different sets from different places. So dealership is your best option!

02-20-2008, 11:12 AM
yea...i need new keys. Thats it-thanks alot. Ima check in with a dealership....thanks ALOT guys

02-20-2008, 11:13 AM
Yep. That'll be $3 lol

02-27-2008, 12:53 PM
hhahaha.....funny guy

02-27-2008, 01:12 PM
pssh, let him keep his money.
dealership is going to rob his wallet as is :p

02-27-2008, 01:16 PM
Did you get everything all set with the keys?

02-28-2008, 10:35 AM
How much did you end up paying???

02-28-2008, 10:58 AM
It's expensive to cut keys from a VIN at a dealership because there's a lot of liability. Last I heard, most stealerships charged between $50 and $75 to cut VIN keys... and that's just to open the door (ie no security chip in the key). To cut chipped iginition keys can be double the price.

02-29-2008, 09:06 AM
I work at a GM dealership if you want i can cut you a key. there is no charge to cut a key from the VIN. alls you need is a copy of the registration and your license. as long as it matches you pay the total for the key. which i think i can get for around 6 bucks. let me know if you need help and PM if you need anything else.

worst case senario PM me your info and i can give you the key code. what i need:

full name, state the car is registered in, who the car is registered to.