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03-27-2008, 11:00 AM
I put Magnaflow Performance Exhuast on my 2000 GA GT, removed the resonator and the Catylatic converter. I wasnt sure what to do with the #2 O2 sensor so i disconnected it. I bought a 02 Simulator from zzperformance.com Which i was under the understanding would take care of the impending Check engine light i would have from the #2 sensor not being in use. I installed the Simulator and the light went off for about a week, and now my engine light is back on and wont go off. The simulator is in good condition, i just replaced my fuel filter and cleaned my injectors, checked my grounds and my wiring, checked my cold air intake for leaks with propane... nothing seems to be out of place. Yet my code pops up saying P0137. (low voltage to bank 1 sensor 2. Could my sensor be bad or is there something i'm missing? Also, I know alot of people are sure to have done what i've done with my exhaust, any tips? what did you do to kill the engine light? I REALLY need help asap because i'm afriad of damaging my engine because it's burning a little lean. THANK YOU!