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04-05-2008, 11:28 AM
Ok guys. I need some help here. Good lord. The car is acting possessed.
I pologize ahead o time for the long read, but PLEASE read it! Being detailed is the only way that I can get some help here. And I need the help badly. Thanks.

OK, so here goes. I have an 01 GASE with 2.4 engine. 5-speed manual tranny. I FINALLY got around to installing some mods to the car. Nothing major, though.
Please keep in mind, the car was running PERFECTLY when brought into the shop!! No major issues whatsoever, except that it was loud because of a huge rust hole in the exhaust.
My car has NEVER had any engine problems, and has NEVER been taken apart for any reason.
So, I brought the car into the shop, and I had them install a pacesetter header, carsound (magnaflow) 2.25 cat, and the Borla exhaust. (I also have an AEM air intake I installed myself a few weeks ago)

When I got the car back, the mechanic told me that I was missing engine parts.
Not knowing what the hell he was talking about, i asked him to show me. He pointed out an area on the fron of the head, right hand side, where there were three holes, and a larger hole in the middle. When the car was started, air would come out of this hole into the engine bay. (presumably exhaust gasses).

He said whoever put the intake on never put the part back. I informed him I did it myself, and never touched the area. He tried to sell me an EGR valve for 200 bucks, plus labor. Well, 2001 doesn't have an EGR valve. The guy was full of crap, and I knew it. So I took my car and left. (I had already paid at that point, and he was being a douchebag, so my only real recourse was a BBB complaint at that point, and me and my gf agreed to take the car away from these losers).

I went to another mechanic, who looked it up, and said it was just a freeze plug. So he put one in, free of charge, and we called it a day.

At this point, the car was still running beautifully. It ran fine all week, and I got some nice gains from the new go-fast parts.

Flash forward to today. My car is acting very oddly. While idling, the car wil drop to about 500 rpm, sound like it stalled for half a second, then shoot back up to 1100. 10 seconds later, it will drop to 500 again, sound like it stalled, then shoot back up to 1100 for 10 seconds. Over and over and over.

I checked the codes, and the only 2 codes I get are:



Nothing else.

I have already gone and replace the TPS with a $45 one from BWD.

No change in behavior.

As far as the O2 code, I have no idea which O2 sensor is O2 sensor one. The one on the header/mani or the one after the ct.

Anyone know which sensor is O2 sensor 1?

Also, does anyone know if in fact it was a freeze plug in the area that I mentioned? If not, I need toknow what really does go there. I can take a pic of the are if needed.

And lastly, what the hell else could be wrong with my car? Why is it behaving this way? The car ran PERFECT until the day I brought it in to the shop to have everything installed. Now, it's barely driveable. I only have 70k on the car. It's still a baby.
What else could this shop have screwed up on my car??

Again, sorry for the long post, but I really need the help here. This is my only car, and needs to get me to work monday, as well as cart my kids around.

Thanks, guys.

04-07-2008, 04:56 PM
O2 sensor 1 is the one before the cat -- if you look on the backside of the engine (back where the rear spark plugs are) you'll see it on top of the exhaust. Easy to get at, buy an O2 socket from a parts store for a few bucks and you're good.

04-07-2008, 05:05 PM
i'd agree

plus it seems to me as if he most likely focked it up when he was rippin it apart for ya :)