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04-19-2008, 12:52 PM
i have 2 weird puncher marks in end of my drivers door panel right on very , haft way up. spaced about 2.5 inches apart. car was just in for service on monday. just noticed it today. reported it to my sales man.

he said bring it in monday. and he was hinting towords or thought it may be with out seeing it a flaw or problem with panel. i said no they were punchers. said still bring it in monday.

so questions if they claim the panel threw gm warranty or when a gm dealer puts anything threw warranty . do they the dealer loose in anyway.

i would think if they can not determine whether there mechanic did it etc. that they would replace it under warranty route just to keep us happy.

just bought the car april 5th. 2007 grand prix 31501 klms factoryu original warranty plus extra warranty pought.