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06-05-2008, 11:14 PM
so guys my friend has a 96 grand am gt. the problem is sometimes when he puts his car in park and turns it off it will not allow him tot ake the key out of the ignition. but if he lets it sit for a while it will allow him to. i was wondering if anyone has experienced this or would no what the problem would be? thanks!

06-05-2008, 11:21 PM
I say the ignition cylinder is messed up.

06-05-2008, 11:31 PM
we thought that aswel however he already replaced the tumbler. He says sometiems it will not go into park for some reason he has to hit the shifter knob to make it stick in park so it dont roll. could that have somthign to dow ith it maybe? any help would be awsome!!!

06-06-2008, 05:01 PM