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06-17-2008, 06:48 PM
I've got a 2000 Grand Am SE 2.4L. Every standard problem these cars have, I have had. Rotors, AC Fan, Blinkers, the works.

Short story: It dies when idling ~50% of the time. Drives great when not idling. Ideas?

Long Story: Around June '07 my car started idling higher and higher, especially right after start up. I'm talking around 2500rpms then slowly lower down to maybe 1500. I drove it like this a while. In drive, it would idle pretty high and in neutral it would idle really high (~1500 ).
April '08, it gets hard to start then in a couple of days it won't start. Independent mechanic says fuel pump is bad, charges $900 to replace pump, flush system, etc. and mentions high idle may be due to vacuum leak.
June '08 - Couple of days ago I see low coolant while driving. When I get to my apartment and turn off the car I see a HUGE puddle of coolant drip out. It seems like it only dripped right when it turned off for a few minutes but made a large puddle. Car never overheated or had any other problems. Take the car to Firestone, they claim bad thermostat, thermostat gaskets, and hoses. $550 later the car does not leak coolant and idle is back to how it was when the car was new. Only around 1200rpm at startup and quickly down to about 550. Problem is, now the car dies when idling at this speed.

Poking around with the search function would suggest I need to clean the Idle Air Controller and check for vacuum leaks. Where is the idle air controller located on the 2.4L? Can someone point me somewhere to learn about vacuum leaks? Any other ideas before taking it back to a mechanic? It drives great when not idling.

06-20-2008, 07:39 AM
ya sounds like vacuum issue