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06-21-2008, 02:40 AM
will the large trim piece that surrounds the stereo area for 2001 work with the 2000 ga gt......

i believe they are the exact same shde of darker grey correct me if i am wrong ? i know that starting around 2002 ?? and up all trim pieces and steering wheel etc to a much darker grey...

other differences i noticed are 2000 stereo area is verticlely smaller, and sits in deep towards the dash about ? 3/4 inch .

versus the 2001 verticley is larger and stereo sits out more flush and sits in only about 1/4 inches ,to the trim panel . this is of course because the deck is verticley taller......

and it APPEARS that from 2001 on if you look at the shift area plate , you know the plate that says drive / reverse etc seems to sit ABOUT ? 1/2 inches high .

where as mine seats about 1/4 inch high from the ceneter console profile it was definitley change in 2002 up looking at the single cup holder etc .

so did they lower the center console height for the 2001 year it is sthe same mold using the single cup holder as a guide????

i request your help, because when i go to put in and aftermarket deck someday the taller verticle opening in the trim plate/panel will allow more flexibility..try examples photo's on ebay of #200232843317 and #380035813407