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07-03-2008, 05:56 PM
Who here has replaced their heater core themselves? I'm having one helluva time with this. I've got the entire interior out of the car, so it should be easier, but here I am asking for help. So, when I stripped my GAGT parts car a few years ago, I managed to get the HVAC module out in one piece by removing the "cross vehicle beam" or "tie bar", the metal support that the dash mounts to. Unfortunately, that's been a few years and I can't for the love of god remember how I got that beam off. I've followed the information that alldata offers. The passenger side is loose, but the drivers side won't budge. Any input appreciated. This is a 1999, btw.

07-05-2008, 12:21 AM
you will need a 7mm and 5.5 wrench, and socket set. plus a very small ratchet. i found the easiest way is to take the carpet back as much as you can, and then feel around to count all the bolts around...there are like 10 maybe more. then on the bottom part of the core there is a small bracket with one bolt in the middle. it is either the 7mm or 5.5 but make sure just to take it loose, not all the way out, then turn the bracket down. also its easier to have someone to tug on the metal lines when you poke them through the firewall. thats about it. also make sure you get any excess water out of it, and even spray some antibacterial stuff on it, just to make sure that no mildew will grow and wont start stinking. thats about it. when you are working with the plastic cover, its is easier to have the stereo out also, as well as the HVAC control head, to make it easier to fanagle the stuff around in there. just make sure not to force anything. I almost broke one of the plastic ears off the cover, just by trying to force it out. just take it slow.