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07-14-2008, 01:58 AM
well come out of walmart todnight and turn on the car and my dash lights arent on, svs light is on, and my brakelights dont work save for when i hit the brakes, so like with my lites on, my tail lights arent illuminated. so i looked under the hood fuse box and the prking lite fuse (15amp) was blown, so i put the spare 15 in, as soon as it touched it blew. then i tried a 25 and it blew instantly. so with my car off, the lite switch only turns on the full headlites, and when on it does nothing. when you shut your car off, the auto lite come on and usually you can flick the lite switch up then back off to turn em off, but it doesnt work. had to have my friend ride my bumper so i didnt get anyone else behind me and hit me. i need this car for work tomorrow as i work 3 to 11pm, so if i cant get it by tomorrow, i will have to ride my bike. im ticked... please help...