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07-23-2008, 02:08 AM
okay seems to be no answrs to this yet. my car 2000 has 1.5 din stereo bezel. like to change to later 2.0 din. this is what i know or think ???

for double din 2.0 they lowered the heater controls and MAYBE the over all height of the complete console ??? also the stereo bezel does not have the stereo sit in as deep for 2001 up .

i seem to notice i believe from 2001 up that the shifter guage area PDNR123 sits up more 1/14 inch or so????

then there's question of colours they change parts of the stereo bezel to back of console SECTIONS of these parts a darker shade of grey. i think as far as colour matching mine if i was going to be able to swap to a 2.0 double din it would be the 2001 model year.

also i think the cup holder section infront of console armrest has the removable cup holder like mine. it got changed 2002 or mid threw 2001

PLEASE FINALLY guys help out. will i be able to do the swap