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08-04-2008, 11:45 PM
71172> classic deluxe poly pro III full sixe car cover. 201-230" L x 75"W x 46"H.. find them at walmart for about $39.99us or $54.96 cdn i used it for inside storage . the zipper door and attached storage bag and a donut shape piece of material incase you want to make a hole for your antenna . me i just removed it each time. to tie it down i went to Cdn-Tire and bought 3/16 nylon round rope .24 cents a foot. soft againest the paint but stretches a bit and strong

then last week with ton's of rain for nearly 2 months i decided to use it for outside to see how it would work. well it has kept the due out , not test for frost yet.

and a week of nothing but rain down pours. the car remained dry. i ( think ) if you do rub it like with a tent it would allow drops in. not 100% certian of that. even any puddles on the cover did not soak threw .

the size i indicated is for us GA's with A-D rear spoilers or should work equally well for those with full A-D kit or sc/t kit. the cover is extra long but then can be used to cover bigger kits as mentioned.

my front wheels are cover down to below center cap. my sides just below bottom of door. and rear except 8 inches triangularshaped of the sidee of the bottom of the rear bumper.

now outside i have gotten thesides down past the door bottoms and tucked under the front so you do not even se the blk air deflector under the front bumper. it is tight againest the corners of the spoiler but with the extra material esle where at the back and on trunk it's not bad.

NOW if you add grommet at the bottom side inline with door mirrors and grommets just behind rear wheels you can pull the cover down even more to cover nearly all the car.

plus for really windy days this is important to add plus maybe a grommet at both ends. my photo's show coverage while inside.