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08-16-2008, 12:28 PM
from RocketFast321.Turn your fan on 5 with the a/c off. And spray some lysol under dash on the passenger side. Thats where the intake is for the blower. It would work better if you take the under dash cover off. Two screws and two speed clips i belive.
You might have mold on the a/c coils. As you use the a/c the coils get wet, and the mold gets wet, = smell...

MY QUESTION >>would it do any good to open the hood and spray down threw those screen mesh areas at the outside cowling , that's is an inlet for air yes ??
do you turn heat or cold air on in the car or does it matter when doing your under the dash procedure or what i just mentioned above??.

also i read this on grandamgt.com site what do you think of this info and does it compare with your info in anyway >>>>> if you only have the problem when your running the a/c...it is condensation build up....in the housing that holds the blower motor the heater core and the evaporator.......there is a pan in the bottom that catches the condinsation build up...in the the bottom of that pan there is a little drain tube that is supose to drain off the water to the ground....

YOUR DRAIN TUBE IS PLUGED...this doesnt let the water drain off and you have mold starting to grow in the bottom of the pan......the easist way to solve the problem right now is to get a coat hanger straighten it out, find the tube(it will be underneith the car on the right side near the fire wall)and GENTLY push the coat hanger up through the tube...this will clear up the clog..for a while but it will get clogged again.....the only way to fix it is to drop the pan and clean all the crap out of it... from 2000blkgagt

plus i read this too from a member ,it mentions have you max on and ac on >>>>>>You see the vents holes outside under the the windshield where your wipers sits. They have this spray at you local automotive shops that you could spray in it while you have your AC on MAX it should eliminate the odor.

I ( me ) am thinking there's 3 to 4 places to spray these few different brands of ac conditioners or odor eliminators , (a) threw outside cowl vents , (b) under the dash passenger side after you remove lower dash cover , (c) threw this under the car drain hose or remove pan and clean and POSSIBILY (d) directly threw circular vents inside the car i ASUME with fan and heat and air off .