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09-09-2008, 07:03 PM
OK I have searched and read MANY of the posts about the 'Random Clicking Signal Sound'. My question is.. Is a symptom of that, flashing Parking lights and dash lights?

When ever my GF starts her car the dash & parking lights flash for a while along with the clicking relay sound. The thing is.. the turn signals still work and make a completely different clicking sound in addition to the first one.

So is this the basic, easy to fix problem that most have? Or is it something else? I am ready to try the fix, but wanted to check here first b4 i took something apart unnecessarily.

Thanks Everyone!!!

P.S. The car under my name is the GF's car.

09-10-2008, 07:04 AM
Welcome to GAGT -

Are the sounds coming from different areas of the car? There is a relay under the 4-way(hazard) flasher button over the stereo.

Where is the other clicking coming from, I can hear clicking in the relays of the driver side fuse panel -sometimes..

Though for this to happen when it first starts really points to a ground(wiring/fused) problem.