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09-15-2008, 11:42 AM
my car needs to turn over a bit when its either colder ( been sitting all night at about 50) or when its just been turned off and is still hot. its only 4 or 5 revolutions, but it annoys me. im thinking module OR the coils themselves.. it has to be an ignition problem. or maybe a worn out injector seeping fuel into the cylinders. i guess my best bet would be to take that module out and have it tested before i spend all the money on a new one. how long do those things last? ive got just over 100K on it. but if i did, should i do the coils as well and just get two birds with " one ( expensive) stone"? completely bone stock aside from a k@n filter. but its not a CAI setup.

also, the plugs and wires are new. but are cheap. i see that the OE plugs are iridium (sp) NOT platinum. Any harm going to a platinum over the iridium? i was thinking the bosch platium plus 2 or whatever plugs. if not then a set of NGK iridiums. ive heard great things about both. but lots and LOTS of bad things about the +4. so i wont be running them. im going to replace the fuel filter, plugs, and wires soon. might be doing the full coil pack and module as well. depending on whats going on.