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10-17-2008, 11:22 PM
Ok I am a long time stalker, but I guess now I have something to write.
I have a grand am se 02, with the 2.2 Ecotec engine.

Ok so lately I have been having lots of trouble, mostly electrical. My first problem was the seat belt light would blink when I had my seat belt on. It would come on and off. Readjusting the belt would fix it, but it would go back as I shift my weight or just stay off. I said no problem whatever.

So recently, I hit a big pothole, I live in Louisiana, and after Gustav, the road was slightly flooded and covered the newly created pothole, it took part of the bottom plastic (the undercarriage i guess) from the front bumper and the fog lamp. I decided to cut the plastic thing and when I go offshore, I will take it to the shop and get it fixed. Well long story short, I got called in at 10 pm to leave at 4 am. So I couldn't take it to the shop. It sat parked for 3 weeks. I came back and started driving when I noticed the small ants around my car. I knew this wasn't going to be good, since ants like electronics, but I said whatever we will see what is happening. Well now, the car cabin lights turn on when I am at a complete full stop. Not while i am stopping, but completely stopped. When I start driving it turns off. I also noticed that when I put the car in reverse or drive the car doesn't automatically lock. But when i turn it off, it unlocks. The bad part about all this, when the car is off, the cabin lights stay on. So the rear view mirror, I had to unplug and the top light i just switched it to off. Since this happened today, I hope my battery doesn't drain still. Any advice would be appreciated, or anything to tell the dealer or mechanic on how to fix the problem would be helpful too.


10-18-2008, 08:44 AM
Ok I have tried a few things, and i think my car thinks one of the doors is opened. So things i have noticed since last night

When shifting into gear, doors don't lock, also doesn't lock when pushing button if car is on, only when off, and I have to hit it twice like the door is opened. . Hitting the unlock button works, just not the lock button. Could somebody keep the door opened, and shift into gear and see if it locks, and also while in gear hit the lock button. I am trying to see if this is one problem, or a whole lot of problems

11-03-2008, 05:53 PM
I got a 04 GT.
I was driving and I noticed my interior dome light was on. I confirmed the switch was set to "door," and assumed I needed to close one of my doors tighter. I stopped, opened my doors and shut them both, the light stayed on and continued to stay on even while driving. I ended up just turning it off. This was four days ago.

Today, I started my car and the lights on the rear view mirror both came on even with both of the switches in the off position. It was daylight so I did not notice it immediately...thought I was getting a reflection on my dash. As I was driving I pushed the switches off and on on the mirrors and they continued to stay on. I figured I would check my dome light again, switched it to the "door" setting, and sure enough, it came on. I left the dome light on, pushed the mirror lights to off position, they stayed on, and then continued to drive. About 15 minutes later, they all shut off on their own and are working fine, at least for today.

Any ideas?