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View Full Version : Horn Chirps on Start, Unlock Doesnt Work

10-31-2008, 08:57 PM
I'm having an interesting issue with the grand am after installing some new equipment (head unit, new battery, strobes, remote start, amps, etc)

When starting the car, or turning to power on, the horn chirps after about 10 seconds of the car being on and then again after 30-60 seconds. (The same chirp that happens when you lock the car with the keyless entry)

At first I thought it might be due to removing the stock head unit and/or the monsoon amp (some people mentioned there are electronics in there that the GA uses, not sure if this is true, or if they are needed?)

Does anyone know how to disable this chirp, the source of the chirp, or what might be causing interference with the car / security / whatever that is causing the chrip to happen.

Also, it's a little wierd that the UNLOCK button does not work on the doors, even from inside the car. It does lock/unlock with the keyless.

I'm leaning towards a security issue, maybe with the remote start. Perhaps with the passlock.